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I have seen a number of personal trainers over the years but I would highly recommend Natacha as the most professional, inspirational and motivated personal trainer I have worked with. She is very holistic in her approach and passionate about helping me achieve my goals and goes above and beyond to help me attain these. She personalizes training sessions for me which are always varied and includes workouts which she knows I enjoy, such as boxing, aerobic and weight training. As Natacha is a nutritionist, I also see her for nutritional advice which is fantastic being able to combine the both.

Wendy Shaw


I've been training with Nat for over the last two years, she brings the right balance of physical challenge with realistic and sustainable goals nutritionally.

Andrew Talbot


I have been working out with Natacha for the last year or so and she has challenged me to try new exercises along the way. She knows when to push harder and when to ease back. She has become a good friend along the way. I look forward to continuing the journey after lock down.

Tania Bailey


I've worked & trained alongside Natacha for the last few years, she has been an asset to her local fitness centre. Providing her outgoing, bubbly and knowledgeable characteristics.
Her advice on fitness & nutrition is informative, with a holistic and also realistic approach. She personalises her programmes as well as her nutritional advice to the individual and their goals.

Alex Yee


Natacha trained me in boxing and it was great! She made sure to focus on my technique which allowed me to get a good base before focusing on power and speed. Each session was unique and incorporated boxing with other aerobic fitness. She was very encouraging and I felt like I got everything I could out of each session! I would highly recommend being trained by her!

Lauren Vermeeren


I once found the gym daunting mainly because I didn't know what I was doing. Natacha not only taught me what to do she also made it fun. I went from hardly going to the gym to not wanting to miss a day. The creative programmes Natacha took me through helped improve my fitness capabilities and increased my energy levels! She has a great sense of humor and her positive attitude towards fitness is contagious.

Casey Hapi


I have benefited greatly from Natacha's training advice in the gym. In particular her individualised approach to strength and conditioning training, which has helped someone over 45 maintain a good level health, fitness and muscle tone! Her boxfit classes and nutrition advice have been central to this. Natacha is awesome!

John Grant

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