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I ran a half marathon... Here’s what I learnt...

Having never run past the 12k mark I was reluctant to taking part in a challenge to run a half marathon. With 1 day to go to complete the challenge, I woke up and decided that giving it a go would be better than being left wondering if I was able too. Regardless of being able to complete it or not, the outcome would now give me a benchmark to aim for further next time.

To my surprise of usually disliking any endurance related exercise, I completed it.

I woke up the next morning feeling pretty chuffed about the accomplishment which was also a nice reminder to set some goals and challenge yourself where you can.

Feeling pretty optimistic I felt myself craving another challenge…

“Run 100km in a week” I thought to myself.

The bod was feeling ok, until I started running again that is…

“What was I thinking” I told myself. “You hated every minute of running that half, let alone run 100km”.

I’m aware this is going to be a tough one but again I thought I’d rather try and risk failure, than not try and be left wondering. Now I know what you’re thinking here. Why would you want to do something you despise:

· To build mental strength & discipline.

· To get more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

· To build more resilience when shit gets tough

· To build on Positive Beliefs in your abilities.

Now I’m not proposing you do to the same but no matter what the challenge, you may surprise yourself ✔️

Think to yourself

· When was the last time you challenged yourself ?

· When was the last time you set yourself a goal which seemed a little absurd?

2 weeks ago my goal was to reach out to a friend every day.

Last week my goal was to run a half.

And now I'm 3 days deep into running 100ks with 65ks to go.

No matter how big or how small... Start with something.

What’s your goal this week?

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